MegarenaTM - The smaller version of our MegarenaTM, made from same DuroFabTM - specially weaved fabric, featuring light weight and paintball impact proof. This fabric is 3 times stronger than regular nylon fabric.  The MegarenaTM has been used in hundreds of events worldwide operated by its owners, proven to be the best mobile paintball arena.  See why you should buy MegarenaTM

MegarenaTM Deluxe Package includes:

  • 100' x 50' inflatable paintball arena with side and top netting included;
  • The whole arena is wound on a 5' x 5' x 5' metal wheel for easy handling, no special tools or equipments needed;
  • All accessories for the inflatable arena are included, such as blowers, tie down, stakes and pegs;
  • 23 Smart-BunkerTM Tourney pack is also included for 4-5 man format game;
  • 50 units of water sand bags included for bunker hold down use;
  • 1 of Smart-BunkerTM Blower included
  • All accessories for the bunker package are included, including repair kit, etc.
  • 5000 plus square footage of artificial turf matching the area; (13 rolls of 40" wide turf included for easy handling);
  • 10,000 Mighty BallsTM (reusable paintball);
  • 1 unite of 24" wide ball picker included, a MUST have to pick up the balls.
  • 12 Tippmann 98 ACT Rental Marker packages, including gun, mask, hopper and HPA tank;
  • 12 body armors;
  • 12 arm bands;
  • 12 neck protector;
  • 3 referee jerseys;
  • 2 hand held radar chrono;
  • 2 CO2 fill stations;
  • 2 digital scales;
  • 1 O rings Kit (310 PCs set);
  • see the image gallery;


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    Mighty Paintball is the original designer and manufacturer of the MegarenaTM.  There are copycats of our MegarenaTM in shape and looking.  However, they are never able to match the quality and design of our MegarenaTM.  Here is the quick comparison

      MegarenaTM Copycat arena Notes
    Material exclusive DuraFab material - 3 times stronger than regular Nylon/Oxford fabric regular nylon/Oxford fabric see Data Chart
    Fire Retardant Certificate Original manufacturer, FR Certificate stitched on the MegarenaTM not available or not specified without the FR certificate, you may be shut down by the fire marshals.
    Paintball Netting Meets or Exceeds ASTM standard not available or not specified Safety concern

    50'x100' - 4 blowers needed

    40'x80' - 3 blowers needed

    30'x60' - 2 blowers needed

    50'x100' - 6 blowers needed

    40'x80' - 4 blowers needed

    30'x60' - 3 blowers needed

    better material results in better air seal, more energy saving and easy operation
    EZ Packing wheel

    5' metal wheel is provided for EZ handling

    (40x80 & 50x100 models only)

    not available or not specified save your time and labor
    Setup time less than 30 minutes with 3 trained staffs take up to 6 hours as reported from the user. save your time and labor
    Handling Tools no tools needed to move and set up may need lifting and moving tools save your time and labor
    Labors 3 trained staffs 3-6 staffs save your time and labor
    Designs Lots know-hows, hard to be copied copy of shape and looking, not detail-oriented save your time and labor
    Onsite Training we provide the paid onsite training not available or not specified help you to get started

    Please contact us if you like to get more details about our MegarenaTM.

Megarena Deluxe Package

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