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Mighty Paintball, a division of Mighty Products Corporation, specializes in design, production and distribution of paintball field related products.  Mighty Paintball has been providing hundreds of fields for the field owners worldwide.  With our expertise in field design and accumulated service experiences, Mighty Paintball has established strong reputation and become the industry leader in paintball field business development.

Mighty Paintball works hard to promote paintball sports and games and introduce new business owners to explore the potential paintball field business market.   Mighty Paintball designs different levels of training and consulting programs:

New Field Owner Operation Training Program

Designed for potential new paintball field owners, who do not have previous experience in paintball field set up and operation.  This program covers the information you need to know in regard to the operation of the paintball field, including but not limited to field design, product illustration, field equipment illustration, field setup analysis, hands on training, etc.  The goal of this program is that you can start operating your field when you complete this program.   

New Field Owner Business Plan Developing Program

This program is designed to help potential new business owners to get familiar with how the paintball field business works in the aspects of sale, marketing, financial management and risk management.  The program covers business plan developing, budgeting, financial forecasting, scenario analysis, risk analysis, sales forecast, marketing, etc.  The goal of this program is to help you to make wise decisions on what and how to do in your new business.

Business Enhancement & Diversification Program

Designed for existing business owners, who own the paintball field already and look forward to improve and expand their business.  The program focuses on analysis the existing business, operation analysis, customer analysis, cost and profit analysis, new business opportunity, risk diversification, etc.  The goal of this program is to help the existing business owners find out what is their advantage and how they can improve and expand their business.

On-Going Support and Consultation Program

As you know that how dynamic a business is in the real world and there is no easy way to deal with various new things every day.  By joining our on-going support and consultation program, you can better handle your venture right away because you know there is a team you can always look for solutions and suggestions.  Our support team has strong business operation and financial management background and experience, who can be your strong support when you need it.

All the above programs is customized to fit your special need.  The training can be held at our facility or at your location.  Our goal is to help you set up your business and grow your business.  We know we will succeed only when our customers succeed.

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