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What is paintball game and sport?

Paintball is a relatively new game and sports.  Basically, a paintball game is two groups of players playing against each other using paintball gun.  It can be in many different format depending on game design and field setup.  You can get more information about paintball game and sports online by searching Google or Yahoo, etc.

About the paintball field business

Paintball field business is more a local business for the local market only.  A small field will get players from local city or county, some big paintball fields may attract players from other states and host regional or national paintball tournament.

Basically a paintball field provides the following products and services:

> a woods ball field for scenario players;

> a speedball field for speedball players;

> a store or pro-shop selling paintball related products and providing paintball equipment repair services;

> a concession service providing onsite food and beverage;

> other products and services you may combine into your facility;

How a paintball field business generate sales?

Paintball Field business generates its sales and revenues through the following:

> paintball sales - paintball is the must for all paintball fields because that is the basic component used in paintball game.  Since paintball is consumable products, this is the biggest sale item on most of paintball field.

> paintball air supply - air supply (high pressure air and CO2) is the must to power a paintball gun, so air supply and sales is another big sales item.

> paintball related items - such as paintball guns, masks, hoppers, paintball clothing lines, etc.

> repair services like paintball gun repairs

> food and drinks

> special events such as tournaments, parties, etc.

> others

What kind of investment do I need to set up a paintball field business?

Paintball field business, just like any other business, requires initial investment as well as working capitals.  For the initial setup, the investment amount depends on size of field, number of fields, design of the fields and location of fields.    The initial investment is mostly spent on the following:

> field setup - speedball field and/or scenario field

The scenario field may use existing woods on the property as field so as to minimize field set up cost, but a high end scenario may use large amount of investment, plus continuous update and improvement.  Investment in speedball field is more limited, once it is setup, it will last years.  You can check out the our turn-key packages to figure our some basic numbers.

> air supply system - CO2 and high pressure air system

CO2 air supply is low cost air system, all you need is a CO2 fill station and the big CO2 air tank (like 50 pond cylinder) from your local wielding suppliers.  High pressure air system requires much big investment.  A complete high pressure system runs $8000 to $15000.  You can refer to our air supply system for the actual costs.

> pro-shop or store setup - store items and repair shop.  For all store items, you may be able to get some credit for the initial setup from wholesalers, but remember that the credit is usually due in 30-60 days, so you need to be very careful in selecting store items and quantity.  It will take a while for new store to build up its customers.

Besides initial setup cost, you must have a good amount of cash reserve to run the business and cover the unexpected expenses as well as potential initial loss of business. 

What do I need to setup a Paintball Field Business?

> property for paintball field - select the right property for your future field.   Take considerations of easy access, traffic, number of fields, field size, field type, field layout, parking, future development, etc.

> zoning approval - once you select your ideal property, make sure to check with city and/or county for zoning approval.  Each city/county have their on regulation on paintball.  Even thought the paintball may not be clearly listed in the your local zoning regulation, but a written zoning approval is thw must before you invest in field setup.

> business and financial planning - a good business planning and financial planning is key to make your new venture successful.  A good business planning should include market research, market analysis, customer recognition, operation plan, etc.  A good financial planning should include project budgeting, cash flow analysis, scenario analysis, cost analysis, etc.

> field layout planning - overall consideration of what kind of fields you need, how many fields, field sizes, parking area, rest arena, etc.  A good layout will also include the potential growth in the future.

> insurance - General liability insurance is required to operate a game business like paintball.  It is also a good protection for your investment.  Normally the cost of insurance will be higher for the new business and may goes down if there is no claims filed.  Shop around to get the best quote for your field.

> equipments purchasing - This is very tricky part.  Our suggestion is to make apple to apply comparison instead of just looking at the product name and price.  Everything has its own price.  Always check all product details and offer details and make sure you understand what you are paying.

> business training - If you are new to this business or even new business owner, then you may consider to get some business training to help you to make the right decision.

What insurance do I need for my business and how do I get it?

> property insurance - insure your asset and property, you can get it from most of insurers or agents

> general business liability insurance - also call paintball insurance.  There is only a few company providing this kind of insurance, so you may need to check around to get the best rate.

What kind of paintball training available?

> paintball field design

> paintball safety

> paintball equipments operation

> paintball business and finance

Product Buying Guide

> avoid middle man, buy directly from manufacturer;

> select quality, good brand name, avoid cheap copy;

> check reference and credit;


     a trusted name you can depend on

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